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Pan Fan is a community run by somethingwicked for fans of the new 2003 movie Peter Pan directed by P.J. Hogan and based on the play and novel by J.M. Barrie. Members are encouraged to post art (icons, animations, wallpapers, etc.) and fanfiction to share with the community. Discussion of the movies and books is also encouraged.


1. No flaming, bitching, hitting, racism, sexism, hate of any kind toward one another or outside groups.

2. Have a question? Contact me through my journal, not the community.

3. Please place any large graphic post behind a cut-tag to avoid cluttering up anyone's friend's list.

4. You must always state a rating for the fic and place it behind cut tags.

5. Icons must be shareable. This isn't show-and-tell, afterall. Always ask permission though. Its just polite.

The rules can change at anytime and anyone caught breaking them will be banned. But think happy thoughts and hopefully this won't happen.


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